Half Marathon Course Maps and Description

The view from roughly the halfway point on the trail portion of the half marathon course.

The course features a mix of roughly 60% gravel roads and trails and 40% pavement. The maps below are intended to give a general idea of the course.

The paved and gravel roads portion are two-lane, lightly traveled county roads that will be open to local traffic.

The roughly two-mile off-road portion of the race that winds through private and BLM land (under agreement with the BLM) is an undeveloped trail, narrow and rocky in some spots, and runners are urged to use caution. This portion winds its way through land that burned in 2012. Runners will pass burned trees as well as abundant new growth. PRE-RUNNING OF THIS SECTION OF THE COURSE IS NOT ALLOWED.

START loop in town

The in-town section of the course is different in 2019 due to construction at the Mancos schools.  The new route is displayed below.


South on Mesa
Left on J
Left on Main
Left on First
Right on Mesa (library parking lot)
Left on Bauer
Left on Spruce
Left on J
Right on 41
Left on H.25
Right onto Deer Hill property
(trail portion)
Left on 41
Right on G
Right on 39
Right on J
Left on Mesa


There will be five aid stations, roughly every two miles. These aid stations will be stocked with water and Tailwind Endurance. Ice will be available at Aid #3, #4, #5. Gels and nuts will be available at Aid Station #3, at approx 7.5 miles.

ATTENTION WALKERS! The final aid station, at approximately Mile 11, will close at 11:15 a.m. This allows for a 20:00/mile pace. There will be one additional self-serve aid station with water at about Mile 12.


A port-a-potty will be available on the course at miles 3.2 and 9.

DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED anywhere on the course.